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Our Values


SBCTA’s position regarding taxation is reasonable tax rates are necessary for the rightful and necessary operations of government and districts.


Government shall not create tax burdens which are excessive, punitive, of confiscatory, or which confer on government the ability to determine winners and losers in specific situations.


Taxpayers have the right to expect that funds provided to government are used in a prudent and transparent manner.


All legal businesses must receive the same treatment relative to taxes and tax rates unless specifically authorized and agreed to during the approval/licensing process.


Any legal business/industry which employees people, supports families, and generates tax revenues for Santa Barbara County deserves respect and the right to operate unmolested by excessive or punitive taxes and/or regulation.


SBCTA supports and demands county approval/licensing processes which are unbiased, fair, and timely. Too often, extended licensing/approval processes become financially burdensome obstacles to responsible economic development.


SBCTA advocates for County policy which minimizes unnecessary appeals and challenges to project and business approvals/licensing which result in untimely delays and increased expenses which have often produced an environment hostile to economic development.


SBCTA supports creation of more affordable housing in Santa Barbara County. No-growth, slow-growth policies, restrictive zoning, and extended and expensive approval processes have unquestionably contributed to the present, and unacceptable, situation. SBCTA encourages county governments to create greater access to affordable housing through more development-friendly approval processes.


Taxpayer Value should be the benchmark for government spending.  Since revenues provided by taxpayers fuel government operations, it is the right of taxpayers to demand prudent stewardship of those revenues. If an expenditure does not result in demonstrable value for taxpayers, it should be prohibited.


Taxpayers deserve, and SBCTA demands, full transparency and accountability from government to ensure fiscal prudence, diligence, and responsibility relative to use of taxpayer-provided funds.

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