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Our Vision

Santa Barbara County's industries are as diverse as its geography. Our county sports some of the most essential economic drivers in the state. They are a powerhouse for keeping our county safe, clean, and prosperous. 

Our vision is to support and advocate on behalf of these industries while fighting for beneficial tax policies to ensure economic success and abundant quality of life.


Santa Barbara's scenic landscapes and rich terrain offer some of the best crops in the world from avocados and strawberries to broccoli and wine grapes. They are essential to our county's health and charm.

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Our county has some of the best hospitals and medical care in the state. We aim to protect and fight for our health industry to keep Santa Barbara County safe and healthy, especially during these challenging times.


Santa Barbara County is a prime choice for tech-centered companies. Many amazing start-ups and large operations have chosen to build their headquarters here. They bring in many high-earning jobs and county revenue.



We have some of the most beautiful hotels, restaurants, and county buildings in the world. We understand the challenges developers go through and will fight for them.


One of the most important industries in our county, our energy industry continues to keep our lights on while working to get California energy independent. 

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Water is essential in our often dry terrain. Our watersheds and treatment facilities are precious to us and we understand the necessity to stand up for them. 


Our county sports breath-taking views of the beach, mountains, and valleys making it a perfect tourist destination. We support our tourism industry and will do everything we can to bring business back safely during our pandemic.



In addition to everything else our county offers incredible restaurants and dining experiences. Our heart goes out to this industry and the closures they've experienced during the pandemic. 

Our Advocacy Levels

We offer two advocacy levels based on type of Membership. See our different membership tiers here.

General advocacy

General Advocacy

SBCTA actively advocates for sensible, fair, and equitable policy decisions from area government and districts and brings considerable experience into play to pursue improved solutions. We meet with elected officials, boards, staff members, and appointed commissions in our continuous efforts to participate in creation of taxpayer-friendly policies and decisions which affect our members and the communities we live in. We strive to offer our input during the formative stages of regulations and proposed ordinances to provide a business and taxpayer-level perspective to shape more realistic solutions to the problems facing local governments, rather than to accept the typical “government watchdog” scenario of attacking government policy long after it has been formulated.

1 to 1 advocacy

1 to 1 Advocacy

Included at Sustaining, Participating, and Executive Membership levels, 1 on 1 Advocacy provides members with the highest level of service.  1 to 1 Advocacy entitles members to request direct assistance by SBCTA to resolve problems encountered with local governmental agencies, Boards, or Districts, with the SBCTA Executive Director, President, or Executive Committee member personally appearing on behalf of the member before government Boards or officials to  facilitate an equitable solution for the member’s problem.

Our Industries



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